So I’m flawed. Did you have a point?

So I am sarcastic and deeply in love with being a smart ass. Should I be a dumb ass, like the people who are most irritated by me? So I hyper-correct people at work, should I let them make mistakes that can literally cost the job of the manager on duty? Or worse, make a customer ill?

So I criticize myself, should I stop? How… How could I just stop? How do I not notice that I made a minor mistake, without risking missing something more major? How can I stop being a critic, and start… Being a participant?

This blog is for the darkness. The shadows in my head that I have to explore, if I want to bring my creativity out.

This is for the darkness. For participating. Because life isn’t all sanitized and cheerful, but that doesn’t mean is isn’t worth it.

To the dark, my love.


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