Why Darkness

Lynanna is a riff on Inanna – a sumerian goddess. I could type out reams about her, but going on-

The point is her trip to the underworld. She started off dressed in all her finery, and at every gate, she had to surrender some of her clothes (no, not like strip poker, much more serious).

When she reached the absolute deepest part of the underworld, she was naked and defenseless. And she came back from the underworld, with new power.

Some of the interpretations say that when she met her sister in the depths that Inanna and her sister are actually two sides of the same coin, that the journey simply gave Inanna greater ability to tap the resources of her own self.

I want to do that. Figuratively.

I want to explore myself. I want to accept the darkness, the imperfections. The vulnerabilities that are a part of being human.

I believe I’ll come back, with my whole self.


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